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Monday, February 19, 2024

A Murder in the Library

“How can you read at a time like this, Tiff?” Malcolm, a flustered football player stuck in the body of an elderly librarian asked.

“First of all, I’m not Tiffany any more than you are Mrs. Porter,” George replied, “Everyone in this library had swapped bodies with soemone else in here. I may be in Tiffany’s popular body, but I’m George, the nerdy bookworm that you were making fun of less than an hour ago. And since we are in a library and the doors seemed to be magically sealed, it stands to reason that the answers we need to get out of this mess is in a book. I don’t have a lot of theories to go off of at this point.”

“He may be right,” Mrs. Porter spoke from Malcolm’s body, “There were rumors about a demon in this library. I didn’t take them seriously until, well, until this whole body swapping thing happened. I may know where there are some books we could reference. Come help me with them.”

“We should all go together,” George said, “There is certainly someone or something killing people, and if this demon is real, we shoudln’t go off alone.”

Mrs. Porter seemed somewhat frustrated by George’s logic, yet she still agreed to go as a group...

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