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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Goblin Princess (Part 1)

Ever since its release, Ryan had been playing a lot of the new RPG video game that the internet was buzzing about. It was immersive and a little addictive. He often found himself wishing he could live in such a magical land, and one night he made this wish while falling asleep as he played the game.

When he awoke, he was shocked to not be next to his computer. In fact, he seemed to be in a land with little to no modern technology at all. It looked strangely familiar -- exactly like the world within the game. It seemed like a dream come true, but he soon found it was more like a nightmare.

As he began to accept the fantasy world around him, he began to come to terms with his new body. It seems like he didn’t end up as the main adventurer; he didn’t even find himself in the body of one of the companions. He was an NPC, and he recognized her from his early play-throughs.

She was a villain from one of the first quests. Calling herself “Princess of the Goblins,” she was technically only half goblin (with many human features along with her goblin-like ears and teeth). She spoke with an obnoxious and shrill voice. On Ryan’s playthrough, he had killed her almost instantly after she opened her mouth. Ryan now was this character, and he paced around the castle waiting.

Sure enough, when Ryan saw an adventurer approach, he was urged to shout out the one line he had heard the NPC speak before he had killed her. He didn’t want to say it, but he couldn’t help himself.

“HELLO, FUTURE HUSBAND!” He screached at the stranger.

Ryan hoped this obnoxious behavior wouldn’t cause him to get a sword straight through the chest in the way he had done when he encountered this character.

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