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Tuesday, February 6, 2024


When Hitomi finally returned to her desk, Brad sprung to his feet. “Have you found anything out yet?” He asked, “Was there any talk about testing something experimental in the research wing that could have caused us to swap bodies like this?”

Hitomi shrugged, “Nothing, Mr. Collins. But you know how you said yesterday that I’m cute when I’m angry? I think you may be right!”

“Look, I’m sorry about that, but this is serious. We can’t live as each other. Do you think you can even begin to do my job?”

Hitomi shrugged again, “I’ve been doing it fine for the past couple hours. Maybe your just nervous because you’re the one stuck in the body of a secretary now? Or maybe the thought of a secretary’s salary is what scares you? Or is that you’ve already experienced sexual harassment as a woman in the past few hours that I have to endure every day in this misogynistic hellhole? Maybe you’re worried about being a woman in general? Well, I hope you’re getting used to those heels, because there’s no way we’re switching back!”

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