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Friday, February 9, 2024


I don’t think I had been in a church since I was a kid. I certainly remember going with my parents and often praying to God to ask that He make me a woman. I remember thinking that if I just prayed hard enough, it would actually happen. As time passed, I felt like my prayers would never be answered; that God made a mistake when he made me by placing me in a man’s body instead of a woman’s.

It would be many years before the Great Shift finally happened, and it seemed my prayers were finally answered.

I immediately returned to the church and got down on my knees to say ‘thank you.’ I expected more people to be there -- either out of gratefulness (like me) or else fear. I imagine the Great Shift was terrifying for many. But for me? Well, I ended up in a body that truly felt right. I still had my doubts on the existance of God, but after all those years of pleading and praying, it did seem like this was truly a response. And a moment of faith just seemed appropriate.

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