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Sunday, February 11, 2024

Dentist's Office (Part 1)

After some severe pains in his mouth, Hector’s dentist explained that he was going to need to get his wisdom teeth removed. They were putting him under with gas, and the alst thing he saw was his dentist’s face. Dr. Tanaka was a sweet middle aged Asian woman, always very friendly. Seeing her smile as he drifted off gave him comfort.

He awoke suddenly, standing on his feet in a surprisingly lucid state. He expected the knockout gas to make him dreary, but he felt fine -- until he looked in the mirror as saw Dr. Tanaka’s face looking back at him. His own body was still passed out on the chair with gauze and blood in its mouth. Hector wondered if he was still under, and if this was a hallucination. He pinched and proded the female body he presently had in an effort to wake up.

Fianlly, he decided to try to wake up his former body. It seemed just as much in shock as he was, but because of the gas, the gauze, and the novocane, there was only a bunch of incoherent mumbles.

Hector put his hand on his own arm as a gesture of comfort, “I know. I’m scared too. I don’t know how this happened. One minute, I’m passed out in this chair, and the next...I’m you! If you can just sort of gesture how to do everything properly, I think I can figure it out.”

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