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Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Haunted House (Part 1)

The tales of the abandon house in our hometown used to beckon us as kids, but we were never brave enough. Coming back shortly after college, the four of us -- Anna, Conor, Erika, and I -- decided it was a good idea to finally explore the place. It wasn’t long before we figured out that was a big mistake.

We all got separated from each other pretty quickly. I was pretty thankful to find Anna quickly, and we went looking for the others together. We were both terrified to find Erika in a room in the basement; she seemed to be strapped to a chair.

“Thank you so much!” She said, “I think there’s a button in the back that releases the straps! Hit it, and let’s get out of here. There’s this weird guy and he knocked me out and tied me up like this.”

“Well, we still need to find Conor,” Anna responded.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Erika’s body said, “I am Conor. What’s wrong with you guys?”

Anna managed to release the straps and pulled out a mirror from her purse, handing it to what looked like Erika (but was apparently actually Conor).

“What the fuck?” Conor exclaimed, “This can’t be happening! That weird guy must have somehow swapped our brains! I can’t believe I’m in Erika’s fucking body!”

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