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Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Only One Way to Find Out

After a night filled with what seemed like impossible events and a long walk home in shoes more uncomfortable than Joel could have ever imagined, he was finally home. However, when he walked in that door, how was he going to even begin to explain this to his wife? That he was had swapped bodies at a bar with a beautiful woman? Despite the fact that it was true, it didn’t seem at all believable.

But then again, maybe the body swapping chaos wasn’t limited to the bar? What if everyone in town had swapped bodies with someone else? What if it was everyone in the world? That would mean his wife might not even be home. Or if she was, she could be in a completely different body as well. Or her body could be in there but with someone else inside.

Joel thought to check his cell phone again. They had all cut out right when everyone swapped, and it still seemed to not be getting any signal. It seemed there was only going to be one way to figure out any more information, and that was by going in.

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