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Saturday, February 10, 2024

A Totally Radical Change

On a brisk fall day in 1983, Scott was walking through the mall when he stumbled across a strange old shop he had never seen before. The neon sign read “Spells ‘r Us,” and the only person working seemed to be a strange old man.

The old man began to describe some items to Scott, who was soon distracted by some young woman walking by outside the store. “Your curious what it would be like, aren’t you?” The old man asked.

Somehow Scott knew exactly what he meant. “Yeah,” He confessed.

“Well, you are in luck, as turning men into women is just my specialty,” The old man said, being unnaturally honest, “But I can see the hesitation in your eyes. Tell you what -- How about you put down a $50 deposit, and you can try out a woman’s body for 24 hours. If you don’t like it, come back tomorrow to get your money back and be transformed back into your old male self.”

Scott slapped down the money and was instantly transformed. He had an absolutely fantastic time as a woman the rest of the day, chatting with other women, trying on clothes at stores, an even buying one outfit to wear the next day.

But when he woke up the next morning, he had a bit of regret, realizing he wanted his old body and life back. As he drove back to the mall, things seemed strange and different. The parking lot was empty and many of the stores had suddenly shuttered overnight. One of the few teenagers lingering in the mall gave Scott a sneer as they passed each other. “The 80s called, they want their trends back,” The teen shouted.

Luckily, Spells ‘r Us was still there. Scott approached the old man and said, “I’d like my deposit back, please. And my body back.”

The old man squinted, “Who are -- oh! Now I recognize you! My dear, you are over 40 years too late! You needed to come back in the next day for any returns. There’s nothing I can do, I’m afraid.”

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