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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Fast Learner

Cameron crossed his arms over his chest and stared at Emily with a look of impatience and frustration. “What do you mean by ‘You can’t undo this?’” He asked.

“Look around you.” She explained, “The power on every single computer is out. There was a surge or something. I think that’s why the program swapped our brains in the first place. But without a computer, I can’t fix this!”

“I was just here to print out my paper for English class, and now I’m stuck in your girlie computer nerd body! I have to go to football practice in an hour! They’ll crush me like this!”

“I’ll do your footballing for you, and then we’ll figure this out. I primise.”

“Footballing?” Cameron sighed, “They’re going to crush you too, even if you do have my body. You know nothing about the game!”

“But I AM a genius! And a fast learner! Seriously, tell me everything I need to know in the next hour, and I’m sure I’ll do okay.”

“Fine,” Cameron groaned, uncomfortably adjusting the dress he now wore as he sat down.


  1. what AI do you use to generate images

    1. I use a couple. I think this was Stable Diffusion, but I've also used Bing, and a lot of enhancers. :P