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Saturday, February 17, 2024

Back in Time (Part 2)

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The good I had done for the village began to spread through the kingdom. It wasn’t long before the king himself came to visit our village. He seemed genuinely impressed by the accomplishments, and quite a bit taken aback by my race and gender. He requested my help for improvements throughout the kingdom. While he spoke of caring for his people, I suspected he simply realized that serfs who were sick all the time didn’t make for good workers in the fields.

As time passed, I was informed that a prince had informed the king of his intention to marry me. Being left out of the conversation made me feel more lke an object than a person, but I also recognized becoming a princess might be one of the better outcomes of this situation. The controvery swirled around my “bloodline,” but the prince argued that with the burgeoning exploration to the east that my presence in the royal family could be seen as good for trade relations. And so I became a princess while still continuing to give advice to the king on improvements to the people’s well being.

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