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Thursday, February 29, 2024


It was the first day of Travis’s internship when a pulse reverberated through the office, causing everyone inside the building to swap bodies. He barely knew anyone’s names and didn’t know who anyone was. All he knew was that he was now in the body of a middle aged woman wearing a nice pantsuit. It didn’t take long for someone to come along talking about how the swap was the result of the bug, and that they needed some help to fix it.

Travis quickly regretted offering up that fact that he was an intern, despite what his body may look like now -- which turns out, belonged to the CTO. He was sent to the basement to look for some files that could help.

The heels on his feet pinched and hurt as he stood looking through files. Bending over to pick up a box would cause a pain in his back. Even with this body’s glasses (which kept slipping off), the words still often looked blurry. He hated being in the body of an older person; he hated being in the body of a woman. He should’ve lied to the person who came by. He certainly shouldn’t have volunteered that he was an intern. They would have never known! And he wouldn’t have been stuck digging through old files in the basement!

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