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Thursday, February 8, 2024


It took several hours for the fire trucks to put out the blaze, and several more days before the police removed the barriers after concluding their investigation. The site was a burnt out mess with several nearby buildings affected. Jason stood in the spot where the body swapping machine once was, but little remained except for a few larger metal pieces.

“It’s gone, Heather,” He sighed.

“But maybe we can reconstruct the burnt pieces? Or figure out how to rebuild anything missing?” Heather replied.

“I doubt it. There’s not much here to go off of. When the machine started sparking while we were inside, we both barely got out with our lives...or I guess we got out with each other’s lives. But Dr. Greenberg? Instead of running out with us, he was trying to put out the fire. The body swapper was his life’s work. We haven’t heard from him. I fear the worst.”

Heather began to cry. They were only supposed to test out Dr. Greenberg’s body swapper and be in each other’s body for fifteen minutes. Now as she looked as Jason inside of her body, she knew they were going to be stuck as each other for the rest of their lives.

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