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Saturday, March 9, 2024


“Everyone relax,” Mr. Harper told the class after a small explosion caused more than a few screams in the chemistry class, “I know these things may seem dangerous, but it’s just some smoke from the reaction. Everything is actually fine.”

But everything wasn’t totally fine. Through the smoke, Parker realized he was looking at his own face. And when he looked down to see overall and a feminine yet flat chest, he knew he wasn’t in his own body -- he was in Madeline’s!

What did that explosion do? Or more accurately, how did it do it? He was he most popular kid in the senior class, an 18-year-old athelete with a cheerleader girlfriend. Or at least that’s who he WAS -- now, he was somehow Madeline, a nerdy girl he had been partnered with in chemistry class. There was no way the stuff in these beakers and test tubes could cause a body swap, could they? And Mr. Harper was telling him to relax?

Parker screamed again. The fact that he was doing it with Madeline’s high pitched voice was just making him all the more nervous and scared. He was having one of Madeline’s panic attacks without even fully knowing what they were...

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