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Friday, March 29, 2024


“I wish I was famous,” I remembered muttering those words in the last few seconds as a man.

The next thing I knew, it felt like I was falling, as if my soul was dropping into a new place. Then I regained a physical form only to find myself falling for real, unable to stand on tall heels that I had never worn before in my life.

There was a crowd watching me. Everyone was taking videos. I tried to pick myself up, but I couldn’t. Swapping bodies with someone wasn’t like what you might see in the movies. Your brain doesn’t know how to adapt so quickly. You need to relearn how to do basic things like moving and walking.

I don’t know how long I struggled, but eventually a medic came. He helped me off the stage and began to examine me. He could tell my movements were slow and awkward. Eventually, an ambulance came and took me to the hospital. None of the doctors could figure out exactly what happened, nor did I feel open to tell them that I swapped into this body somehow. The longer they kept me under observation, the more I was able to relearn basic movements in my new body. I noticed on the television in the room that my situation was on the news. “Supermodel collapses on the runway” were the stories. I guess I got my wish to be famous.

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  1. You made a wish, you never expected it to come true. Now are famous, now you have learn the in's and out being a girl and model. You probably mind now, everybody wants to know you.