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Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Goblin Princess (Part 2)

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Ryan brought the adventurer inside the goblin castle and began to pepper him with questions. He knew the dialog was probably all just the programming of the game, but he still couldn’t stop himself from saying any of it.

“Do you like my wedding dress?” Ryan asked.

The answer the adventurer gave was cold and aloof, but it wasn’t hostile. That was certainly nicer than ny goblin (even a half-goblin) expected, and Ryan found himself blushing. It was getting harder and harder for Ryan to distinguish what thoughts were actually his own. He began to talk more about the wedding. He told the adventurer he try to could cover his “ugly goblin ears” with his hair for the ceremony.

The adventurer quickly agreed that the ears were hideous, and Ryan felt his first tinge of disappointment. While he was still happy to not be outright attacked, he wanted something a little more from his future husband. It was as though Ryan knew a better option had to exist, but he couldn’t quite place why he knew that. He pushed that troubled thought out of his head to focus on the one thing he truly needed from his future husband: a ring!

Ryan’s head cleared for a brief moment. Of course! All the dialog he was spouting was just to send the adventurer on a quest (a quest he missed out on by killing the goblin princess too early).

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