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Sunday, March 31, 2024


Some people noticed their new bodies right after the Great Shift. Keith noticed the cold. He swapped into the body of a woman walking in heels, immediately lost his balance, and fell into a pile of snow. His mind couldn’t fathom how he had gone from being in his nice, warm apartment to suddenly being surrounded by cold snow.

It was until he began to pick himself up that he started to notice everything else -- the pink dress, the long hair, the face that he was literally now a woman.

As he began to look around, he realized he wasn’t the only one either. People weren’t exactly shy about checking out their new bodies, despite the cold and despite the fact that what they were doing seemed completely inappropriate for public viewing. Though Keith chalked all that up to New York City being New York City, after all.

Of course, despite all the craziness of the Shift, he was still outside in freezing temperatures. He needed to get back to his apartment, or at least duck into some place warm.

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