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Thursday, March 21, 2024

A Race

Xia still couldn’t believe she was looking at her own body. She had come to this ski resort to train, hopefully qualify for the Olympics. But now she was stuck in the body of some beanpole man, while he was inside of her.

“I’ll tell you what,” He said to her, “Let’s have a race. Just one ski run down the hill. If you win, I’ll tell you how we can probably swap bodies back.”

She spoke with an anger in her voice, “I thought you said you weren’t responsible for this?”

“That was the truth! I wasn’t! That doesn’t mean I don’t have some idea about how it happened. There’s this crazy old guy at the lodge who I spoke with that talked about the scientific theory behind swapping people’s bodies. I thought he was a nut at the time, but now -- ?”

“What if I lose?”

“Then you accept these are our bodies, and you help me in any way so that I can continue your life as you.”

Physcially, Xia knew she couldn’t win. She had worked hard in her original body to build up muscles in all the right places, with extremely strong legs in particular. Then again, the guy inside her body might have no clue how to ski properly, and the knowledge still inside her might be enough to prop her up to victory. Plus, all things considered, could she really say no? Winning this race might be the only way to convince this guy to swap back with her.

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