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Saturday, April 27, 2024

Goblin Princess (Part 3)

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While the adventurer quested for the ring, Ryan’s mind became clearer once more. He knew who he really was, and he knew (as far as he could tell) he was trapped in this RPG and stuck in this body. But he figured if he was stuck this, there was one thing goblins were known for -- a good party!

As Ryan feasted on spirits and raw meat, he learned more about the princess he now was. The illigitimate daughter of the tribe’s previous Goblin King and a human woman, she was never expected to take the throne or even be found. She had been sent to an orphanage at birth and found herself always teased for being too much of a goblin for humans yet far too human for goblins.

Her fate changed dramatically one night when the king’s family was slaughtered, and the remaining tribe sought her out as the last remaining heir. She didn’t know much about being a goblin -- she took the title of “princess” instead of “queen” because she thought “it sounded cuter,” which the other goblins just didn’t understand, for instance. She longed for continue her bloodline without understanding it; she yearned for acceptance and love after a lonely and sad childhood. While the tribe respected her, none of the goblin males wanted a half human wife. The frustration and sadness lead to weird quirks -- the aggressive pursuit of traveller’s love and an entire wardrobe comprising nothing but various wedding dresses.

The whole story was enough to make Ryan feel a little bad about killing her on his own playthrough after she spouted a mere three words.

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