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Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Just the Way New York City Is

It didn’t take long for Elizabeth to find her body after the Great Shift; it was sitting in the same spot she had been prior to the massive body swap event. She didn’t know quite how to introduce herself.

“So, did we...” Elizabeth cleared her thought after hearing her new masculine voice for the first time, “Did we swap with each other?”

“If I have your face, then I guess we did. Because you certainly have mine.” Theo replied.

“You’re really calm about suddenly being a woman. Everyone actually seems really calm about this whole thing. I would’ve expected massive freak outs.”

“Oh, people are. I was reading news reports about it on your phone. But New York City is just...different. We’re all just used to weird stuff, I suppose.”

“But switching bodies? That’s like really weird. Even for New York.”

“It’s not like either of us are freaking out about it. At least not outwardly so; we’re still able to talk about it calmly like human beings. And speaking of which, I guess we have a lot of things to talk about...”

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