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Thursday, April 11, 2024

The Body Swap Machine

Jason woke up sitting in a chair. He felt strange and could feel a weird helmet on his head that was distorting his vision. He could barely make out another person sitting in a similar chair and a strange machine. It seemed only logical to lift the helmet. As he did so, he was in for a shock, the other person seemed to look exactly like him -- and also seemed to be taking a helmet off at the same time.

“Why am I sitting over there?” The other person asked.

“Holy crap! You even sound like me,” Jason said before noticing his own voice, “But why does mine sound so strange?”

“I think we...swapped bodies!”

“Swapped...” Jason took a moment to look down, realizing the other person didn’t simply LOOK like him, they WERE him; and he was a woman! “...bodies?”

“It must be this machine. Do you know how it works?”

“I don’t even remember how I got here! I think I was at a party? Maybe I passed out? Maybe I was drugged? Oh, God, I passed out and woke up in the body of a girl!”

“A woman!” Jason’s body corrected him, “’Girl’ is offensive and belittling. And I’m a guy!”

“And guy is...well, actually, guy is fine. Yeah, you’re a guy. Maybe we should put these helmets back on and try to fiddle with these knobs?”

“I can’t understand them now, and with this helmet on I can’t see a thing. Do you really want to risk frying our brains with this thing?”

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