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Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Kinda Stupid

Kenneth had always considered things like yoga and meditation to be “kinda stupid,” but he seemed to have more than a natural ability at it. In fact, after attending a single session he was able to manage astral projection, which he previously would’ve scoffed at. Yet his experience was quite undeniable. It also seemed as he approached a body other than his own, they would fall asleep. He began to wonder why.

As he approached his girlfriend’s body, she too fell asleep. And then he got a little too close and began to be sucked in. Her body began to awaken, but it was Kenneth’s spirit not inside. He wished he hadn’t gotten so close! He didn’t want to be a woman! He tried to get back into his astral state, but he was having trouble concentrating. Had it just been beginner’s luck the first time?

Meanwhile, his own body lay lifeless and the rest of the yoga class was getting concerned. The instructor stopped the class and called an ambulance. Kenneth was now extremely worried. If he wasn’t getting guidance from the instructor, how could he ever hope to achieve that same higher state? He’d never get back to astral form, and he’d be stuck in his girlfriend’s body for good!

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