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Monday, April 29, 2024

Urban Legend

Vinny had often heard an urban legend about a so-called “magic taxi” that ran through the City and swapped people’s bodies. He always avoided the traditional yellow cabs as a result. He was just superstitious in that way.

He never would’ve suspected the magic taxi was actually a black gypsy cab! When he swapped into the driver’s body, he was freaking out. He wanted to drive the damned thing into the East River. But he calmed himself. He could just use the cab to steal someone else’s body. There were some sort of magic words right? What did the driver say to him? Why couldn’t he seem to remember?

It was several rides before it came to him. He didn’t remember when driving; he just blurted out as a fare was leaving, “Have a nice day,” he told the woman. The instant he realized what he said, he knew he had said it. He found himself on the street in the young woman’s body. He was holding his new head as it throbbed in pain before he pulled out $50 worth of cash and gave it to the body that had been his these past few days.

As he stumbled in the heels on the feet of new feminine form, he told himself that he should have known better and that he should have been more careful. Once the cursed taxi had him, there was no way he was going to escape with the body of his choosing. It never worked like that -- or so the legend went -- and now he was stuck like this! As a woman!

1 comment:

  1. On the surface, not a bad body to be stuck in. Nice change to the Magic Taxi and it really fit the 'Urban Legend' aspect of it.