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Monday, September 10, 2012


Eddie had told his friend Reid about this awesome new thing he had found. Reid asked what it was, but Eddie told him he couldn’t describe it, he had to SEE it. Reid rushed over. Eddie started by taking a bungee chord around Reid’s chest and strapping him to the wall. Reid asked why; Eddie simple said, “Trust me.” Next Eddie put a weird thing around Reid’s neck. It looked like a series of orbs. Reid asked what it was, and Eddie simply told him that it was what he wanted to show off. Eddie hit a button on a remote, and Reid suddenly felt very different. He could smell perfume, and he tasted lipstick. Reid couldn’t believe it; the thing Eddie had put around his neck and that remote had turned him into a woman! Eddie expected him to be freaking out, but instead Reid was happy.

“Only one complaint, buddy,” Reid said, “Why couldn’t you give me bigger breasts?”

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