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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Looking for a new self

It had been three days since Melanie lost her body thanks to the magic taxi. Ever since, she had doing her best to tail her former body. She had wanted to follow immediately, but some weird force prevented her; she just had to drive aimlessly around in a daze for a while. Eventually, she made it back to a run-down apartment, presumably this cabbie’s home, where she found a journal that detailed the magic taxi’s body swapping history. The most recent entry was written by a man who signed his name as “Phil Baxter.” This Phil guy was probably the one in her body now. From his writing, he didn’t sound like a horrible guy. There was even a sense of guilt about having to steal someone else’s body. She never would have guessed a guy like this would have wanted to be a woman like her! The next morning, she parked outside of her body’s apartment. She waited. She saw her old body get out and use a car service. She banged the steering wheel with frustration. It seemed Phil was following her life pretty well, except getting around via car service instead of using taxis. As Phil shopped at a department store, she flipped around the journal for more clues. She found an entry from someone claiming to be stuck in the driver’s body for a second time. If that was possible, then it might be possible for her to get her body back! If only Phil would start using cabs! She was always right there for him! Maybe What if Phil had come to like being in her body? Maybe it was time for her to stop scoping out her former self and start looking for a new self!

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