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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Mitchell could always uncover some interesting things in the mess in his room -- many of which he never remembered even owning! A strange book was one such object. After reading some odd foreign words from the book, he felt sleepy. He nodded off and woke up with a shock -- he had transformed into a woman! He searched frantically for the book, but could not find it in the mess. He was sure it was responsible for this. For the time being, he decided to keep himself locked in his room; he didn’t want anyone to see him like this! His t-shirts were now too big for him yet still tight around his large chest. His pants also were strangely large yet tough to squeeze over his larger hips and butt. After a week, he found the book again. He read the same page, but didn’t feel sleepy. He wondered if he should risk reading something else, or could that make things even worse?

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