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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Conrad regretted getting into a fight with his girlfriend, Tara, and calling her a bitch. She took revenge almost instantly, by initiating a bodyswap spell. However, when he started feeling her body up, she decided he may be enjoying his punishment a little TOO much. In a fit of rage, Tara swapped Conrad with their dog and stormed off. The dog seemed quite pleased to be inside Tara’s body as well. Conrad was not so happy. He discovered the world had faded color, and he could no longer understand human speech. For a moment he joined eyes with the dog in Tara’s body, but then her head quickly turned. Something had caught her attention, and she ran off! Uh-oh! If Tara’s body went missing, there might be a big problem getting everything back to normal!


  1. Conrad is assuming she wants things to go back to normal, lol. Maybe she will just leave things like that.