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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Carl had been eager to test out his new body swapping device, maybe a little too eager. He hired a prostitute to be one test subject and used himself as the other. The hooker was confused to be in a new body, but she saw it as a way out of her horrible life. She started to bolt for the door, and Carl knew he had to stop her fast. He used his device to switch her and his dog. He wasn’t sure if it would work on animals, but soon his own body was walking around on all fours and barking. Next, Carl switched himself back into his own body, leaving his dog inside the prostitute’s body. One more step and everyone would be back to normal, but then he tried to use the device and it stopped working! It would take some time to fix it.Carl was sure glad he wasn’t expecting any visitors soon. He wouldn’t know how to explain the woman walking around on all fours and eating out of dishes on the ground.