Wednesday, September 19, 2012


If Darryl sunk this putt, he’d get his body back. If he missed, he’d be stuck in Harriet’s body forever. He couldn’t believe that he’d gotten himself into this mess. When he played Harriet in the first round, the wager was simple. If she won, she’d be able to borrow anything she wanted from Darryl for a whole month; he never expected her to win, and he certainly never expected that borrowed item to be his body! He pleaded for a second game. Now everything was on the line, and the stakes were higher. He had to win, or she’d keep his body for good. A tie wasn’t even an option; he had to flat out win. It was a long putt, but he knew he could do it...he just knew it! He HAD to do it!


  1. Is he crazy?? Why would he want his boring male body back, just let her keep it!! That's a body I myself would KILL for :)

  2. side bet, 20 says he shanks it but cleans up on the LPGA in the future!

  3. LOL HArdlygolf shoes. Funny sory & great use ofp ic. But he's not too bright. All he had to do was wait a month!