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Monday, September 17, 2012

Day out (Part 3)

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Will managed to catch up with Erica fairly quickly--even in heels! He looked at her with a scowl, but she returned a smirk back.

“Erica!” She exclaimed, “It’s good to see you, but didn’t I say I wanted to be alone today? And of course, my selfishness is ALWAYS right! I am the man, after all!”

“Stop the bull, Erica!” Will responded, “I don’t know how you did this, but undo it!”

“Undo what?”

“Cut it! I want my body back!”

She laughed while continuing to string Will along, “Bodyswapping? That’s impossible!”


  1. LOL! very good story. I love it that she's pretending thaat there hasn't been any swap. And physically he's hardly able to beat her up. Verygood set of images. PLS vontinue. Thank you for continuing

  2. I like this one bc the girl steals the body... most captions you find in the web are guys stilling....