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Thursday, September 6, 2012


Tank had been a misogynist for as long as anyone could remember. It had motivated him to work out from a young age, helping him become one of the country’s leading weight lifters. His fame in the sport helped him score a trophy wife, who was an underwear model. Everyone thought his rude macho ways would get the better of him one day, and it seemed they were right after he mouthed off to a witch. The witch cursed him to switch bodies with his wife. Tank was horrified at first, but he soon discovered a strange quirk about the swap. While they had each other’s bodies, he and his wife maintained their previous skills, which meant that despite being trapped in his wife’s waifish body, he could still lift just as many weights as he could before. He drew more crowds and won more competitions than ever before. Tank ended up even more smug and arrogant and despite his body, was still a total misogynist.

1 comment:

  1. I feel sorry for his wife, after all she's the one being punished in this swap!!