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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Shoot (Part 1)

It was a pretty complex and chaotic photo shoot. No one noticed the trickster replace the light meter with a similar looking device that had the power to switch everyone’s bodies. When the lightning assistant pressed the button, everyone swapped bodies. Daniel had previously been behind one of the camera was now inside the body of the lead model. He was shocked to be wearing the striking red dress. Everyone else seemed equally concerned, but they all also knew they that this was a very expensive shoot and they had to press forward, even if they weren’t in the right bodies anymore.


  1. My kind of trickster :D Can't wait for part 2, and I hope we find out what bodies other people were swapped into :) Thanks!

  2. LOL! very clever & original story. I likeit that the hsow mustgo on. Supper use ofpic PLS continue this & your OTHER MULTIS