Saturday, September 8, 2012

The weird machines (Part 1)

Janelle had brought the two strange devices over to Al’s house. He looked at them with confusion: what the hell were they? She didn’t directly answer and told him just place his knees in one part and his hands up top. He shrugged and did as instructed; Janelle did the same on the other machine. They started to make a strange whirl,and Al felt like he was losing his balance. He wanted to get off this thing! He started to try, but then he noticed something very, very weird...

“Janelle! I’m in your body! Oh my God! We’ve switched bodies!” He screamed.

Janelle laughed, “I know! That’s what these do? Isn’t it amazing?”

“Amazing, yes! But I don’t want to be you! I’m not sure I can walk in your heels even! I don’t want to be a woman! I don’t want to be you!”

“Tough!” She replied, “The machines won’t work again for another four hours, but if you don’t accept this and calm down, I may not switch back with you at al!”

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  1. Good story & I like it that the woman does the stealing for a chance. LOL that he doesn't think he can walk in those heels. I don't think she ever wants to swap back. PLS continue