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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


As one of the most popular students in school, Lawrence felt he had earned the right to be a little cocky. One night he simply dumped his girlfriend Roseanne with no remorse; he just thought he could do a little better. She was in tears, but he just didn’t seem to care.

When he woke up the next morning for his daily run, he felt a little weird. He didn’t think much about it since he was pretty tired. He usually went got ready in a zombie-like manner anyway, throwing on his workout clothes without giving it much thought. He didn’t notice exactly what was wrong until he saw his reflection as he was about to leave.

Looking back at him from the mirror was Roseanne! Or rather her body! He must have switched with her last night while they slept! How could he had missed this when he first woke up? He had even worn her feminine workout clothes instead of his own without even noticing! His heart was racing and he began to panic. Maybe he could apologize to her for last night, maybe he could fix this.