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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pick (Part 2)

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As the group of young adults rode in Gary’s taxi, he was sizing them up and making a decision. He narrowed it down to the woman in the leather jacket and the one with the red shorts. He caught their names--Caroline and Angie, respectively--but he didn’t make up his mind until the very last second. As the group piled out, he smiled and wished Angie a nice day. The magic of the taxi then took hold, and soon Gary was now in her body. He felt the nylons now on his legs, the tight red shorts, and long flowing hair. He continued to smile as he caught a glimpse of horror in the cab driver’s face. He felt bad for a moment, but he was confident that Angie would find a good new body for herself, but now it was time for him to enjoy her former life--his new life!

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