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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Testing firm (Part 2)

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Kris fell from the chair he sat in from a moment of pain. He was developing a sudden and strong headache. He could only assume it was some strange side effect that he would have to write about in his report. As the pain slowly faded, he realized his mind was now mostly focused on how horny he was. As he thought more about it, he realized that he was craving men! It then dawned on him what happened. The headache wasn’t an accident; it was intentional. This suit’s nanobots weren’t just able to alter his body; they were able to alter his brain as well! There was no telling what had truly changed about himself! He started to wonder if he was ever a man to begin with. After all, it could’ve been the gender identity portion of the brain those nanobots had screwed with!

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