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Friday, September 21, 2012

Romance novels

Andrew was supposed to be in the library looking for a reversal spell to undo his recent body swap with his friend, Tiffany. However, after a few hours of digging through old, dusty books, his attention got drawn to the fiction section.He started reading romance novels. Such books never would’ve appealed to him a few hours ago when he was inside of his own body, but for some reason now that he had Tiffany’s body, he just couldn’t put these books down! He knew he should go back to looking for that spell to reverse this body swap, but he just couldn’t pull himself away!


  1. Hmm, and I bet he'll get very 'wet' between his legs while reading them too ;) No way is she getting that body back!

    1. ROFLOL! I wonder how far the changes will go LOL