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Monday, September 24, 2012

One thousand dollars (Part 1)

Byron showed up at the address he had read in the paper. The ad had promised one thousand dollars for only a few hours of work as a test subject. When Byron arrived he was brought into a room where he was told the experiment would begin shortly. He sat down and asked how he would know when it was starting; his host told him that he would certainly know once it began. Sure enough, after a few minutes Byron’s eyes blurred. They quickly refocused, but it seemed now that all the signs in the room were in a foreign language. He stood up, but nearly tripped as he did so. There were now high heeled boots on his feet. In fact, he now had an entirely new body complete with long blond hair and some very sexy, shiny pants. He ignored the sway of his hips and jiggling of his chest as he walked over to a cabinet to examine some binders. The contents of these were also in a foreign language. He was sure there were probably answers and details contained in there, but he couldn’t read a word of it!

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