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Friday, September 7, 2012

Crossing (Part 1)

There weren’t many pedestrians out as Alvin walked home at 3am. However, a sole figure across the street caught his sight. She had long blond hair and wore bright colors with a big puffy coat. He decided he’d cross the street just to get a better look at her. She started crossing the street at the same time. At first he tried to avoid looking her in the eye, and as they got closer, their eyes met. His eyes blurred for a moment as she passed him. He looked back briefly, but he no longer saw her. There was just some guy over there; Alvin wondered why he hadn’t seen him earlier. As he continued on his way across, he began to wish he had said something to her -- gotten her name or her number or something. He had an itching feeling some information on her would be good to know. A few feet more and he stepped onto the sidewalk. He looked down at his body in shock. It all made sense now. He had somehow switched bodies with the woman as his vision blurred; the guy’s body walking away was HIS body. He was now stuck in her body, and he didn’t know what to do about it!

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