Saturday, March 12, 2016

Science (Part 2)

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Despite his disorientation, Anthony had walked quite a distance from the university, but he finally decided it was time to assess his situation. He decided to take an analytical approach to resolving his confusion. At first, he thought it was merely being in the body of a woman that threw him off, but there must’ve been something hard-wired in the body because nothing about being a woman felt strange to him. Was it the clothing? While he didn’t exactly feel comfortable, it was nothing he couldn’t deal with. Even though the heels pinched his feet, he couldn’t say that they were exactly jarring. Then he noted he was still wearing his glasses -- he must’ve picked them up and put them on as he headed out, by instinct. As such, the world looked strange; this body didn’t need them. He placed them in the purse he held and decided he would bring them back to the lab when he went in for a check-up. He also checked the name and address on the license in there -- he realized he had been walking aimlessly so far. This body’s name was Rachel, and she didn’t live too far away. Anthony was preparing for a very interesting summer...

Friday, March 11, 2016

Science (Part 1)

As a major in neuroscience, Anthony took an immediate interest in signing up for an experiment that was set to take place over summer break. Aside from his academic curiosity, the study had a huge financial benefit. With the amount it paid, he would be able to skip finding a summer job and pay off a large chunk of his student loan. And, of course, he’d be able to experience first hand one of the department’s strangest devices: a body swapper.

He was a little upset that he had to be unconscious for the procedure; it meant he wouldn’t get to actually see the device at all. Then there was the matter of who he would swap with; he wouldn’t find out until after the swap had happened.

That actually turned out to be the biggest shock. He had expected to swap with another student...or, at the very least, someone who was interested in science. Instead, however, the person he swapped with was a woman who lived in town. She often looked for studies that paid cash, and this one was a huge windfall for her. Mere minutes after he had awoken from the swap, they sent him on his way. Anthony was very disoriented and confused as he walked back to the woman’s house, but at the same time, he felt like he was adapting quickly...

Thursday, March 10, 2016


Brian had been waiting on the curb for a while; Jacob was supposed to come and pick him up over an hour ago now. Of course, Jacob had driven by, because he hadn’t seen Brian anywhere. Of course, this was due to a rather odd occurrence. Just before the two men were scheduled to meet up, Brian had bumped into a woman on the street. A strange phenomenon caused the two to swap bodies. Brian had sat down on the curb and begun to wait without even noticing the fact that he was in an entirely different body. Jacob then came by without seeing Brian at all, but a woman instead. He drove past several times, noting the woman, but also no sign of Brian (as far as he could tell). Brian was finally getting fed up with waiting. He reached into his pocket for his phone, but soon realized they were empty; his pants far too tight to contain anything in them. Then he realized he was carrying a purse, and suddenly Brian was starting to realize...

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Mark grumbled as he exited the fitting room. “It fits,” He murmured, “Are you happy now? Can we go?”

Jennifer clapped with glee and jumped to her feet. “Yes!” She chirped, “I look fantastic! Thank you so much! I know this was a pain for you, but I couldn’t reschedule my wedding dress fitting, despite all that madness with that weird medallion thing.”

“Yeah, well, enough time should have passed, so it is hopefully working again now, so let me get out of this damn dress. Then we can go home and swap back.”

“It’s so exciting to see how I’m going to look on my wedding day, but could you smile? I want to see what my body look like when it’s smiling and wearing the dress.”

“Don’t push your luck. There’s no way I feel like smiling right now...”

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

New Day, New Body

“Oh, great, just great...” Jake sighed as he looked in the mirror this morning. For the past five days, he had woken up in the body of a different person. Of course, today was the first day he was waking up inside of a woman’s body. It was an odd feeling to say the least, and judging from the fact that he was feeling some cramps, he guessed that he was not only a woman, but a woman at the worst possible time...

Monday, March 7, 2016

Constructed (Part 6)

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It only took a few steps without holding onto something for Jason to realize he may have been a bit overconfident on his ability to walk in heels. He soon found himself falling to the floor. He was pretty sure that it was going to hurt, but worse was that he was sure that he was going to cut up these perfect and gorgeous legs he now had. Maybe it was for the best. Once he fell, he might not have to worry about other bruises he might get as he made his way out of this construction site. It was, after all, still going to be a challenge. When his butt hit the ground, he looked up, feeling quite silly. But his attitude quickly changed to panic when he realized that standing over him were the man and woman he had seen swap bodies earlier; the ones responsible for all this. What were they going to do to him?

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Constructed (Part 5)

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It didn’t take very long before Jason was feeling pretty confident about his ability to walk in heels. In fact, after about thirty minutes, he felt like he strutting his stuff, holding himself up poised, and feeling just a little bit sexy about it all. Heck, he was beginning to think that accidentally getting sucked up into this whole magical body swapping was just about the best thing ever. Now, there was still the matter of getting out of here, and he had no idea once he got out if people would recognize him as who he really was or the body he was in now. If it was the latter, he was instantly curious about her life; the sort of life he’d be living as long as he had this body. If people still thought of him as Jason, what would that entail? There was no way of knowing because, well, it was all due to magic, right? Magic could do anything. After all, magic gave him this body.