Saturday, March 19, 2016


As he lied through his teeth to Mei by saying he knew nothing about how they swapped bodies, Peter was also doing everything in his power not to squeeze the breasts now on his chest. He often talked with his hands, and everytime they came close, he just wanted to give a little pinch, but he stopped himself. He knew that might give away that he was lying.

Mei looked at him with suspicion. Peter was a terrible liar, but she had always thought of him as just this really weird guy. She’d probably usually be able to tell that he was lying, but she was so concerned with that fact that there was a completely weird dude now inside of her body that she just kept chalking everything up to his weirdness with concern over how he was going to embarrass her or her reputation. Until she could clear her head a little, Peter was going to be able to keep lying.

Friday, March 18, 2016


Tyler had been practicing witchcraft now for six months, but he had only perfected a single spell, levitation. His teacher gave him a bit of advice: keep working on what he did know and keep trying new spells. It basically meant Tyler was levitating all the time while trying just about every other spell in the book.

It was quite unexpected when one of those other spells actually worked. Tyler hadn’t even realized which spell it was, but he could tell it had worked. Then he caught a glimpse of his own body and realized it must have been a body swap spell. The woman now in his body was shocked to see her own body floating in the air, and she ran. Tyler had no hope of casting the spell again in time before she ran off; he wasn’t even sure how he had done it.

Not that he minded. In fact, over the next few weeks, this new body seemed to allow him to focus on his spells much more. He soon was picking them up left and right. His teacher was quite proud at Tyler’s new progress. As Tyler thought about it, he couldn’t help but wonder if it was his old body that had been holding him back.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Face Swap App

It was all still pretty hard for Jack to believe. All he had done was download an app that would place his face onto pictures he downloaded from the internet. He spent hours giggling as he looked at his face on different bodies. Late one night, a strange notification appeared on his phone that he unlocked a special achievement in the app. The only thing different was a small button that now appears on one corner of the screen in the app. He laughed hard as he downloaded a new picture and saw his face on the body of a buxom woman with an ample rear end. Then he felt compelled to hit the button. The next thing he knew, his phone started to spark and everything went dark.

Light crept in the next morning, and Jack felt weird. His phone was clearly fried, but then he looked at his body. The app had somehow changed his actual body. Instead of getting a photo of his face on the woman’s body, he now actually had the woman’s body! He knew he couldn’t hide the feminine curves of this body, so he went about altering his face. He shaved; he applied a little makeup that an ex-girlfriend had left a long time ago, then he headed to the store. The first thing he bought was a new phone, with hopes of reversing the swap by re-downloading the app. The next place he went was to buy some clothing, just in case the app wouldn’t work again. He had to admit that he was sort of a bit curious about trying on clothes from the women’s section...

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Tread Mill

Kevin knew that stealing Heather’s body was only half the battle. If he wanted to keep it, he was going to have to convince everyone she knew that he was actually her. He had hacked into her computers to get every bit of personal information and read up on a journal she kept. However, he was still going to need to practice carrying himself. Heather wore heels all the time, and Kevin had thought it would be easy, but he stumbled and fell when he first tried. He decided thirty minutes on her tread mill wearing a pair might help him out -- heck, if he didn’t know how to walk in these things after that, then he might just as well give up his whole scheme.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


It was the first holiday since the Great Shift, and it would be the first time the Carver family were all in one place since the incident. It wasn’t hard to figure out who was who; they had all been in regular contact in the period following the Shift, and they had all described their bodies in detail. They all knew that Alex was now in the body of a young Asian woman, but they were still shocked when he arrived wearing skimpy clothing and flaunting his body. He had been quite conservative when he went off to college and didn’t expect this sort of behavior from the formerly quiet and reserved young man.

“You’re all just jealous that I got the hottest body out of the Shift,” Alex boasted to his mother, who was now in the body of a gray haired man.

“I’m hot,” Uncle Merv interjected, “I’m a cute blonde woman, but you don’t see me showing off.”

“You should,” Alex retorted, “But it’s because despite the fact that your body is young, you are actually old. I’m REALLY young, both in mind and body, and I’m ready to live my life how I wish I could’ve before the Shift!”

Monday, March 14, 2016

Science (Part 4)

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While Anthony wanted to buy clothing that covered up this body a little better, he didn’t want to extinguish the rush of sexuality he felt completely. He bought some new things and paired them with stuff from Rachel’s wardrobe into outfits that he felt comfortable enough wearing. He felt a strange sense of confidence and pride in his appearance -- a feeling that was quite unfamiliar to him. He was starting to wish that he didn’t have to give this body up for the summer, and that he could keep it much longer -- maybe even forever. Of course, he knew that would violate the controls of the experiment. He also considered that it was the experiment itself that was making him feel these things; that they weren’t his thought, but somehow the thoughts of Rachel’s body having influence on him. He may be looking sexy now, but he didn’t want to betray his scientific mind!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Science (Part 3)

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Over the next few days, Anthony found that he had a pretty difficult time having Rachel’s body. After all, he was a skinny white guy trapped in the body of a sexy black woman. Plus, all of her clothes just felt so revealing. Considering she didn’t have a job, he tried to stay home and hide out as much as possible. Still, he did need to pick up items from the store from time to time. He sighed one night when he realized he was out of toilet paper. It was just a trip to the store, but he figured he should actually embrace the experiment and attempt to flaunt this body. He walked the street with a shirt that exposed his belly, tall boots, and leather shorts. He couldn’t even begin to describe what he felt. He wasn’t quite sure he liked it. It was that night that he decided he’d spend a bit of the money that the experiment was giving him to pay for some new clothes. He knew he wanted to save as much as possible, but he figured the expense would well be worth it.