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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Almost Over

Ed still couldn’t believe how easy this week had been, or how stupid this woman’s husband was. He was sure he wasn’t acting like his wife or even all that feminine, but he never suspected that it wasn’t his wife inside this hot little body. Ed figured he shouldn’t be surprised; this woman probably married him for his money, and he probably married her to have a trophy wife with little regard or concern about her actual personality. Ed swapped bodies with her about a week ago to scope out the couple’s home from the inside, dropping emails to a buddy on the outside about the best way to rob the place.

There was some sort of gala tonight that Ed would attending with this woman’s husband. It was going to be the perfect opportunity to clean the home out. Ed would leave the door open, his buddy would pull a van up a little later, the big ticket items would go first. Ed would return home and comfort a devastated husband. But the best part of was by this time tomorrow, he’d go out to pretend to replace a missing item, but instead meet up with his buddy to swap back to his own body. He wouldn’t have to be a woman anymore, and they could start selling stuff to get rich! He bit on his nails with excitement just thinking about it. He also told himself next time they pulled this body swapping scam, he’d make his buddy do the body swapping!


  1. Hi Alicia, I really enjoy your blog and recently started one of my own. I was hoping that you'd check it out and, if you like it, you'd add it to your "Links" section. Thanks and keep up the great work!