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Sunday, January 20, 2019


Juan had a bad feeling that morning as he drove his van out of the city to his contractor work in the suburbs. He couldn’t quite place his finger on why; it just felt like something bad was going to happen. The job itself started off relatively routine. A blond woman named Rita wearing a bikini top and leather pants greeted him and showed him where the problem was. She soon jetted off to the backyard to lounge about by the pool as Juan got to work. The first thing he needed to do was tear open a wall in order to replace an old duct. He was about to bust it open when he felt strange -- almost as if he was in two places at the same time. Then everything snapped back into place and Juan felt very strange.

He still had all his memories of being Juan -- immigrating to this country as a child, starting his contractor business, but he could also sense memories of being Rita as well -- marrying a rich investment banker and buying this house. His body seemed to be a mix of his and Rita’s as well. He had her curves and her femininity, but he was still Hispanic. His still had his overalls on, but they were now made of the leather of Rita’s pants. He looked at the wall where he was supposed to replace the duct, and while he knew exactly what needed to be done, he certainly didn’t feel like getting his manicured hands dirty! He was still trying to wrap his head around all the ways he was still Juan and all the ways he was now Rita, and he was slowly resigning to himself that he was truly a mix of the two now -- Juanita!

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