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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Is It a Choice?

Last year, Steven signed up for an experiment at his college that ended up transferring his brain into another student’s body. He was only supposed to be in her body for a few hours, but when it was time to swap back something went wrong. He was apparently going to be stuck in Angelica’s body until the researchers found a way to fix this. At first, Steven was devastated. He didn’t want to be Angelica; he didn’t want to be a woman. But days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. Eventually, he just got used to it. In fact, he was surprised when the researchers showed up at his dorm room a year later explaining they could finally swap the pair back. Steven just laughed and asked if he had to return to his own body. He had gotten so used to being Angelica over the past twelve months that he simply preferred to stay this way now.


  1. The researchers looked at each other and just sighed "that was easier than we thought." you asked what do you mean? Angelica in your body said the something we just left her/his dorm. After the researchers left you went over to Stevens dorm, when he answered the door you jumped into his arm and passionately kiss and say to your lover that was to easy was it not great to see those stupid researchers faces thinking they got off easy, they will be surprised when my old dad your new dad hits them with that 4 billion dollar lawsuit. Well I know what we need to spend the money on that is when you as angelica hold your stomach and say we need to have a talk before I get to big. Angelica in Stevens body drops to one knew and says will you marry me. Now that was to easy, yes we will marry you. Steven stands and hugs you and asks do you know if it is a girl or a boy?