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Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Terrance was on a business trip when he heard loud noises coming from the hallway in his hotel. He investigated to find a very drunk woman stumbling around and struggling to get into her room.

“Hey, Baby,” Terrance suggested, “If you are having trouble, you can always stay in my bed.”

“F*ck you,” The woman slurred, “I know what this looks like. It probably serves me right to get hit on by a creep like you. After all, it was less than fifteen minutes ago I was down in the hotel bar hitting on women myself. I was drunk and said something stupid and so did this woman I was trying to pick up. I guess there was some sort of witch down there or something, who decided it would be funny to have the woman I hit on and I swap bodies. So now I’m a chick and you’re hitting on me. It’s so f*cking funny that I forgot to laugh. But, hey, if you want a laugh, why don’t you try this sort of crap down at the bar. I’m pretty sure that witch is still down there, and she’ll probably do to you the same sort of thing she did to me.”

And after her rant, the woman managed to use the keycard to unlock her door. Terrance was sure she was just crazy. A witch in the hotel bar? It seemed crazy, but part of him was now a little curious to go down and see for himself...

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