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Saturday, January 12, 2019


Jack was pretty excited to be starting his college football career, but he had to admit the coach for his university was pretty intense. The training before the school year started was nothing short of grueling. But once the other students arrived, things got weird. The Coach yelled at Jack and the other players, telling them they were worthless, not worth their scholarships, and he might as well pluck random students from the quad to take their place. In the next instant, Jack felt woozy and passed out. When he awoke, he was in the body of another student. He was probably more than half his former weight, over a foot shorter, Asian, and female! He nervously walked down some stairs and made his way back to the field. A few of the other players also in new bodies were there. A few of the senior members on the team told Jack this sort of thing was normal for the coach. He always tried to do something outlandish to teach them about about working hard or being a team. Part of the challenge was trying to figure out the lesson. Jack tried to process the information, but he was justifiably a little to freaked out right now!

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