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Wednesday, January 2, 2019


As Jason returned back home after his overseas business trip meeting with foreign investors, he had mixed thoughts about how it went. He was the technical lead on the prototype for the company’s device that could swap bodies, and the device did just that. On the other hand, it may have done it a little too well, swapping more people in the room than just the two intended targets. For instance, Jason himself ended up swapping with the college aged daughter of one of the investors, who was tagging along with her father for some reason.

They would’ve swapped back immediately, but the device was too fried. Jason was sent back home on the next flight in order to start repairs. There were lots of murmurs about the investors puling out, but Jason realized they’d probably be hesitant to do that right away. Besides the fact that they proved their prototype actually worked, Jason also realized he now had the ultimate leverage as long as he was in the body of the daughter of their biggest Asian investor.

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