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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Check Out

It started out as a typical visit to the grocery store for Michael when he spotted a hot woman in one of the aisles. She looked so good in her high heels and leather pants that he spent a little extra time examining a product he was holding in order to catch a few extra glances of her as he looked up from the label. He also found himself following her into the next aisle and pretended to be interested in some of the organic shampoos and whatnot. Ultimately, he knew he was never going to have the confidence to talk to her and was about to move on when something strange happened. He suddenly felt very strange in his own body. It took him just a moment for him to realize the heels on his feet, the tight leather hugging his legs, and the long hair hanging from his head. It seemed both inexplicable and impossible, but he was suddenly the woman he had been checking out moments ago. He wasn’t quite sure what to do. Surely, if people had swapped bodies suddenly, shouldn’t there be some sort of panic? Even if it was just him and the woman, he’d imagine she’d be approaching him in a fury by now -- she surely got the short end of the stick in this swap. So Michael decided to keep on as if this was normal; as if he was this woman. What choice did he really have? He wasn’t sure what she was looking for here or what else she needed to buy, but he figured he’d try his best to manage.

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