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Friday, January 11, 2019


“Well, this sucks,” Jorge complained, “We were supposed to be spending the night at the big game, but our wives figured out our plan to sneak out without them. They cast some sort of strange magic spell to steal our bodies, and now they left us here alone while they went out to the game.”

“It’s not so bad when you think about it,” Lyle mused.

“How does this not completely suck?”

“Haven’t you ever been curious what they feel? I mean, we’re each in the body of the other’s wife. It wouldn’t even really be cheating, would it? If we went upstairs, I’d technically be in bed with my wife and you’d technically be in bed with yours. Don’t you want to try? Aren’t you the least bit curious?”

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  1. Both Lyle and Jorge were unaware of their wives Bisexual activity until they got upstairs and started to play around because both bodies went into body memory because Lyle and Jorge were now just observers while the bodies had sex mind you both men had multiple mind blowing orgasms. When they were done both men learned that both wives also smoked, when lying in bed next to her lover Lillian asked Genna do you think our husbands really went to the game or did they go to a motel and have sex? Genna said if they did we all are going to have to have a long talk because I don't want to give this body or you back when they come homeas she leaned over and kissed her lover again and asked Lillian you ready for round three?