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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Border Security

With increased security at the border, many potential immigrants turned to rather ingenious methods of getting across. One such technique involved modifying body swapping technology. While your typical body swapper required the two people to be swapped to be in close proximity, a few alterations would allow the swap to take place between two people a hundred miles away. Of course, this made it hard to target any specific person, but this often didn’t matter for those desperate to cross the border. Jose certainly didn’t mind the body he ended up swapping with, and he was pretty sure being in the body of a suburban blond woman would reduce his chances of being discovered by INS or the local authorities. Plus, he was pretty sure he was going to really enjoy living her comfortable life.


  1. wonderfully wicked story. Very original & topical. I wonder if chan speak english as well as her? & poor girl. I bet she'll not be able to cross the border!

  2. Please continue more stories of immigrants like these please.