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Sunday, January 27, 2019


“Okay, so now that you’re dressed, you just need to turn the treadmill on and run for about 30 minutes or so,” Laura explained.

“Thirty minutes?” A surprised Marvin asked as he turned around to look at his former body, “The last time I ran was probably ten years ago in high school! I have asthma! I’ll get winded!”

Laura sighed, “You know for someone who is supposed to be a nerdy genius, you aren’t exactly bright sometimes. Since I have your body that means I have your asthma. You have my body without any asthma. In fact, I ran every day and was in excellent shape, and I’d really like to keep it that way for when we finally swap back.”

“Right....right...” Marvin muttered before turning around to look at the control panel of the exercise machine. He still wasn’t sure how to turn the damn thing on. Sure, he could program millions of lines of complex code and create a seemingly impossible machine to swap two people’s bodies, but turning on something regular people used every day was just beyond him. He knew he was asocial, and he had never meant to trigger a test of his body swapping this early; he certainly never meant to swap bodies with Laura! Yet because of the swap, she was now forcing him to leave his house, go out in public at places like the gym, and act like a normal human being instead of the reclusive hermit he was...

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